Welcome on the GDPR PII Register page. On here you will find information on features of the application, how to request a demo account and pricing



How to prevent your test data from being deleted?


We think our tool is very easy to work with, you should be able to tell within  2 weeks whether you want the paid service or not. Send us an order for a one year subscription at least two working days before the end of your demo period and we will maintain your account until the first payment is received. Depending on the processing speed of your company‚Äôs financial department you might loose access to your account for a few days. (The time between the ending of the demo period and receiving the first payment.) After receiving the first payment we will facilitate full access to your account within 24 hours.



When you place the order for the subscription, the contract will start the 1st of the following month. Your account will be available immediately with the export feature becoming available within 72 hrs after receiving your payment.

When we have not received your payment within 30 days from start of the subscription we will block access to your account. The data in your account will be stored for another 30 days. When your payment is received during those second 30 days, we will open your account again, activating the export feature. The contract start date remains the first day of the month after the initial order.


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This GDPR register is built according to the EU GDPR legislation, it adheres to all stated minimum requirements.


You are not meant to store the PII itself in this application.


When the demo period of 30 days from activation is passed, your account will be deleted, including all information in there.


The export to .CSV feature will only be available after the start of the paid service.


The minimum contract term is one year, after one year you can leave any month, just let us know at least 30 days upfront.



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